Discover The Kingdoms of Day
In the first of the three books, you go alongside Adwen as she journeys with Toth, the carefree half-elf, and a deadly knight named Sir Oryn Conrad. Together, the disfunctional team set out to save the Princess Eyrie and stumble across a destiny they never could have imagined.
The realm of magic is a challenge for the girl, being originally from the realm of logic. Barely a day before her high school graduation, she attends the class hike and is pushed off a cliff into the raging river. Once she goes over the infamous waterfall the wild epic adventure begins.
"No one must run from anything," he scolded. "You fled because you are cowardly. Knights have courage in the face of battle."
        Staring blankly, she had anticipated he would say something to that effect. She replied, "You don't have courage."
        He dropped from Ranger's back, and her heart leaped, but she was not afraid. Not even when he pulled his knife and held it to her throat, cornering her up against a tree. He glared with his cold green eyes, but she stared right back without any sign of timidity. She hadn't backed down in front of Eric Spade, and to her, Oryn was no different. He was just another bully.
         Leaning in close, she could hear the leather of his gauntlet groan while he gripped the knife tight and whispered, "Say I'm a coward, now that I have my blade to your throat. I dare you."
         With the edge scraping her tender skin, she said, "I did not call you a coward. I said you have no courage. There is a difference. A coward has fear and runs away. To have courage, you need to have fear, and I have plenty of that."
         She swallowed and continued, "The thing is, I have enough courage to stand and face it. You don't have courage because you're not afraid. You have no fear. Every time I look at your eyes, all I see is hate."
         Oryn blinked.